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  • What is ControlMobile?
    ControlMobile is a client application that is installed on the device you wish to monitor and captures all incoming and outgoing (SMS) text messages, encrypts them and stores them on our secured server. With a username and password you are able to log in and see the incoming and outgoing messages that were sent and received from the device where the application was installed. It also tracks the phones location as well as incoming and outgoing telephone call logs.
    We also have a solution for devices that are on the AT&T network. Instead of an application, the administrator will be instructed to send a randomly generated "keyword" text message to our designated AT&T phone number. This solution allows you to monitor any and all types of phones, including Windows phones, iPhones, and basic phones.
  • What devices are compatible?
    The ControlMobile application can be installed on all Android devices on any carrier. Also, on the AT&T network, we can monitor all types of devices — this includes iPhones, Windows Mobile, basic phones, as well as Android and Blackberry devices.
  • What will ControlMobile cost me?
    ControlMobile charges your credit card $9.75 a month, and allows you to monitor up to 3 phones, for that price. If you unsubscribe within the first 30 days of the service, you will not be charged. Payments are made automatically. Other payment options include $25.75 for 3 months, $49.75 for 6 months, and $89.75 for 12 months. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.
  • Does ControlMobile work with iPhones?
    Currently, we can only monitor iPhones that are on the AT&T network. Instead of an application, the administrator will be instructed to send a randomly generated "keyword" text message to our designated AT&T phone number from the iPhone they want to monitor. We do not capture iMessage.
  • How does ControlMobile Work?
    On Android devices, once the application has been installed and activated, it will disappear from the home screen and run in the background. The phone will need connection to either WiFi or a data plan. This way it sends copies of all text messages to our servers as well as the phones GPS location and the call logs all in real time.
    On the AT&T devices, once the administrator has authorized the monitoring of the device through text message, our servers get a copy of all incoming and outgoing messages from AT&T all in real time.
  • Which carriers are compatible with ControlMobile?
    If the phone you want to monitor is an Android device, ControlMobile works with all carriers. If the phone you want to monitor is on the AT&T network, then you can monitor all types of phones including iPhones.
  • How do you charge for your service? Does it appear on my phone bill?
    ControlMobile is a monthly subscription service and is billed to your credit card if purchased directly from our site. The monthly charge is $9.75.
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    We do offer a 30 day free trial of our services. If the administrator does not close the account within the first 30 days, you will be charged for the first month. We do need your credit card information to verify who you are.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    In order to cancel your subscription you will need to log into your Admin panel on the site and click on unsubscribe which you will find under the System tab in the upper right menu in the console.
  • Where are my messages stored?
    Your messages will remain stored in our secured server and are encrypted until you log in and delete them. You also have the option of forwarding them to an email address within the console.
  • Can my messages be seen by any other party?
    Your messages are secured in a separate database and cannot be seen by any other party.
  • Can messages be captured even though they have been deleted from the device?
    Yes, for any message that is sent or received after you complete setup, the moment it’s transmitted a copy is sent to our server for viewing. Even if the device user deletes the message right after sending, our system still captures the messages and stores it indefinitely.
  • Can I see photographs on the phone that were sent or received?
    Yes, we capture all Multi-Media Messages (MMS). That includes pictures, documents, videos, audio recordings.
  • Can I see the location of the phone that the application is installed on?
    Yes, by using the GPS function on the phone, we are able to locate where the device is at all times. This can only be done through the application on Android devices.
  • Is ControlMobile an application on my phone?
    The application only needs to be installed on the device you wish to monitor. After registering for an account, when opening the application you need to click on "Add Phone". You will input your email address and password you used to create the account and it will sync up with your account. Please restart the phone after activating the application, so that monitoring will being immediately active. If not, then it might take 10-30 minutes depending on the device and location.
  • Do I need to have the phone in my hand to install the application?
    Yes, you need to install the application onto the phone so you will need it in your hands for a few minutes. There are detailed instructions for this once you register for the service. You will also need the phone in your hand for the AT&T process, so you may send the text message to your designed number. It is illegal to monitor a phone, that you do not own. This means you must pay for the phone you wish to monitor.
  • Can I be alerted if certain words or phrases are used in a message?
    Yes, messages are managed according to configurable rules defined by you. There are certain key words or phrases you can choose which will send you an alert email or you can create your own list.
  • Is ControlMobile invisible to the user?
    The Android app will not appear on the home screen, but will still be listed under "All Apps" on the target phone.
    The AT&T service doesn’t require an app and so is invisible to the user.
  • Can I use ControlMobile to spy on someone?
    ControlMobile is used for monitoring and archiving purposes and not intended for any type of nefarious activity such as spying or tracking unknowing users. ControlMobile prohibits the use of its application for anything other than its intended use and our Terms of Service specifically do not allow any illegal or unauthorized use of the product.
  • How do I delete the application from my device?
    If you are the account holder you simply delete the application like any other application on your device.