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Text Message Monitoring

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About ControlMobile

ControlMobile specializes in the supervision of personal mobile devices. Using the same technology that has helped nearly 100,000 users capture text messages in the corporate world, ControlMobile provides a complete solution to capturing text messages in the consumer world.  Furthermore, ControlMobile provides detailed call logs and real-time GPS tracking. Finally, by using ControlMobile you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family's  mobile communications are fully secure and protected.   Don't wait to protect your family's mobile communications.

How Does ControlMobile Work?

ControlMobile comes in all shapes and sizes.  For most Users, ControlMobile is a client application that is installed on the device you wish to monitor and captures all incoming and outgoing (SMS) text messages, encrypts them and stores them on a specified secure server. Additionally our application also tracks the phones location as well as incoming and outgoing telephone call logs. Account Administrators are able to log in to our Administrative Console to monitor text messages sent and received, as well as view inbound and outbound calls .

ControlMobile for AT&T Users

In Addition, we also offer a solution for devices that are on the AT&T network.   Using the same solution implemented by almost 100,000 corporate users the AT&T solution is one of a kind.  Instead of installing an application, the administrator will be instructed to send a randomly generated "keyword" text message to your designated AT&T phone number. As a result, this solution allows you to monitor any type of  device, including Windows phones, iPhones, and basic phones without an application installed on the phone.  Additionally, you will have access to the same reporting and e-discovery features as the application version.

Account Setup

On Android devices, once the application has been installed and activated, it will disappear from the home screen and run in the background. The application requires a connection to WiFi or a cellular data plan. This way it sends copies of all text messages to our servers as well as the phones GPS location and the call logs in real time.  On the AT&T devices, once the administrator has authorized the monitoring of the device through text message, our servers get a copy of all incoming and outgoing messages from AT&T all in real time.

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