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Too Much Technology Affecting Children

Raising your kids in this high-tech generation

Snap Chat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube: Basically, if your teen is awake, they’re either texting, tweeting, chatting, messaging or at the movies. In fact, a new survey reports kids spend more time with media than they do with their parents or in school, clocking in seven hours and 38 minutes a day either in front of a TV, behind a computer screen or glued to their phone. So what is a parent to do? Teenagers spend 30 hours a week in front of a screen. On average, they send a hundred texts a day but how is all this media affecting them? In the largest study of its kind, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that kids who spent more time with media reported grades of a C or lower and were more depressed than their peers. But how do you get your message through all the noise? First off, kids emulate what they see. Put your phone down and talk to your child. Model body acceptance, don’t focus on the perfect woman you see on TV or in a magazine, focus on being healthy. Direct your praise away from appearance and more onto accomplishments Parenting in the 21st century means paying attention to everything our children are doing online, on their phones and with their friends. Your involvement can actually have a profound and positive effect.  

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