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Cyberbullying: A Reason Parents Need to Monitor their Child’s Phone

Bullies have always been around, but technology has just opened up another platform for them. As parents, we need to be aware that both real-world and online name-calling have emotional consequences for our children.   Yet parents have to face the fact that it isn't easy to guess the moment when they need to step in. For instance, kids use technology and they tend to know much more about it then parents. And with smartphones entering into their lives, they are using this great new tool to send messages and leave voice messages. But being aware of the benefits of technology doesn't necessarily mean they are aware of the online dangers.   Cyberbullying is one of the dangers teenagers or children can face. For those who may not be aware, cyberbullying is harassment, threat, or embarrassment of a person using technology, and by definition it occurs mostly among young people. When an adult is involved, we are talking about cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking, which is a crime and has serious legal consequences.   There are ways to find out when your teen is a target of bullying. Parents might notice the various signs of cyberbullying, such as the following: Emotional distress during or after using the phone; being very protective, secretive regarding their cellphone; withdrawal from activities or friends; or even changes in mood, behavior, and appetite.   Parents may utilize mobile phone tracking software like ControlMobile that can help the modern parent keep up-to-date with their child's text/call activity. Parents can monitor whom their child is receiving calls from and the contents of the text messages that may be posing a threat. The parent will protect the child's reputation and emotional integrity with ControlMobile.   Visit www.ControlMobile.com for more information about monitoring your child's smartphone. ControlMobile supports Android and Blackberry devices on any carrier and iPhones only on AT&T. ControlMobile is only for monitoring, we do not condone spying in any form.

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