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Mobile Strategies for Parents to Keep Children Safe

Today, kids seem to know much more about mobile devices, the Internet and social media than parents. As a recent Pew Research Center study points out, the vast majority of children aged between 12 and 17 have a cellphone, and smartphones account for half of the devices owned, with the number being on the rise. While giving the child a cellphone has benefits, it also brings risks.

By giving the child a phone, parents need to know that kids enjoy calling friends, texting -- which could also mean including an audio or video message within the message -- instant messaging, surfing the Web through the phone's Web browser, checking email, entering chat rooms, downloading ringtones, taking pictures and playing games.  All of the above activities are "normal", but the problem is they can get up to trouble as well, even unknowingly.

Some consequences may be, disclosing their phone number to strangers via caller ID.  Also, whatever information they are sharing with friends, may get passed around to others without knowing the consequences.  Many children may enter chat rooms and believe they have met a new friend but the identity of that individual is a fake.

There are multiple strategies to keep children safe, such as advising them to keep their personal information to themselves, establishing rules relating to who they can call or defining times of the day when the phone can or cannot be used. Parents must also teach their children phone etiquette which is essential to keep them out of trouble, such as avoiding using the phone while in class. Parents should also remind their children to not share any inappropriate pictures or information that may be used against them.  Anything that is put out in the web is almost impossible to rescind.

This is why mobile phone monitoring is at the top of the key strategies for how to keep children safe. Monitoring can be achieved in multiple ways, such as asking them to hand their cellphone to the parent, but the most effective of all is installing mobile phone monitoring software to give piece of mind to both parent and child. By installing an application such as ControlMobile, parents can focus more on the safety of their child, as the software monitors conversations using keywords and phrases which are sent to the parents email or phone and track location and phone calls.

Visit www.ControlMobile.com for more information about monitoring your child's smartphone. ControlMobile supports Android and Blackberry devices on any carrier and iPhones only on AT&T. ControlMobile is only for monitoring, we do not condone spying in any form.

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