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How to Monitor Your Child’s Smartphone Effectively

The good old days of children browsing the Web using the family laptop or desktop computer under the watchful eyes of parents are gone. With the rapid adoption of mobile handsets, parents find themselves keeping in touch with children by texting or calling them on their own cellphone.

Before the mobility, parents could set up computer monitoring software so that they could keep an eye on the children’s activity when they went online or block certain sites from viewing. The software was like a window into the child’s life without the hassle of asking uncomfortable questions of the child, which obviously triggers a “No” from him/her. Additionally, the child would be using the “home” phone to call his/her friends.

Now cellphones, especially smartphones, come with a powerful mobile Web browser built into their OS, so they can hide their online activity from their parents. Parents are aware of the roadblock they face when they give their child a smartphone but they still try to protect their child. And the risk is even higher considering smartphone users, and in this case kids, can choose from 700,000 Android apps and 800,000 iOS apps to download from the virtual storefronts of Google and Apple.

With these powerful apps and the Web browser on their mobile phone, there are many more opportunities for a child to be exposed to circumstances beyond their control. There are apps that allow the user to send pictures to their friends, where the picture will disappear after a short period of time. The child feels safe sending “funny” pictures that they believe are gone after this time period. That was not the case in a recent high school in NJ where these inappropriate pictures were saved and passed around to classmates, prompting the police to step in and take action.

There are numerous chat room and IM services children may join to “meet” new people, who may disguise their true identity. Children can visit inappropriate sites, expose private information — such as their phone number/age/location — to strangers, and sext with other children without being aware of the risks or consequences that are involved.

So, what can parents do about it? The answer is pretty straightforward: install a smartphone monitoring application like ControlMobile. Parents can now focus on other things rather than asking for his teenager’s mobile phone to double-check his text messages and phone calls. Have you downloaded a smartphone monitoring application for your child’s phone? If not, do it now!

Visit www.ControlMobile.com for more information about monitoring your child’s smartphone. ControlMobile supports Android and Blackberry devices on any carrier and iPhones only on AT&T. ControlMobile is only for monitoring, we do not condone spying in any form.

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