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What Is ControlMobile?

ControlMobile is an affordable and diverse solution designed to help protect your family's mobile communications. Using our patented services, users are able to monitor and archive their loved ones text messages, as well as monitor the location of supervised devices in real time. Additionally, ControlMobile provides detailed call logs of  inbound and outbound calls.  ControlMobile allows you to capture text messages from nearly any device, using our over the top application or using our patented AT&T solution which requires no installed software.  Don't wait to start protecting your family's mobile communications.

How it Works


Install, Login, Access


Text Message Capture,

Real Time Location Monitoring,

Record of In and Outbound Calls

Why ControlMobile?

ControlMobile is the safest and most comprehensive solution available to help parents monitor text messages and mobile device usage.  With ControlMobile parents are able to monitor text messages, track GPS location in real time, and access up-to-date call logs.  Using one of our diverse solutions parents can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that their children's mobile communications are safe and possibly prevent their children from entering harmful situations.
  • Application

    Easy, downloadable Application

  • Message Capture

    All Text Messages are Captured and Archived

  • Alerts

    Get Real Time Monitoring and Alerting Capabilities, These Alerts can be Based on Location or Message Content.

  • E-Discovery

    ControlMobile Offers a Wide Variety of Search Capabilities to help Monitor Mobile Device Usage.

  • Conversation Threading

    Using our Administrative Console Administrators can Filter Messages by Keyword and Setup Alerting Capabilities

  • Call Logs

    Get Real Time Call Logs of All Inbound and Outbound Calls

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